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They Stole What? The Most Bizarre Burglaries (Part 1)

When you hear about burglaries and robberies on the news, they are usually informing you about banks that have been broken into, where millions of pounds have been stolen. These places with high valuables are common targets, and are often carried out by scarily organised groups and gangs.

Then sometimes, you hear something on the news that makes you wonder if you misheard. They stole what?! Here are some of the strangest burglaries that have taken place.

Everything but the kitchen sink

A couple in New Hampshire were arrested a few years ago after breaking into a house. They had stolen the usual items, including jewellery, money, and electronics. This wasn’t why the burglary was so strange though, as these are the items that most criminals would aim for. It was the other items that the couple stole that made it a little odd. The home owners returned home to find out that cleaning products, a mop and bucket, and all their groceries had also been taken. Maybe they were filling up their own home? Odd!

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A million pounds worth of scrap metal

Have a quick think about the things that you would expect to be easy to steal and those that would definitely get attention from someone. Which option would you put a 10-ton steel bridge under? For something so large and heavy, it was seemingly easy to steal back in 2012. The bridge was located in Czech Republic’s eastern town of Slavkov, and was worth over a million pound.

The thieves simply forged paperwork to say that they had been hired to replace the bridge, and shockingly no one batted an eyelid. It wasn’t until they were well on their way, that anyone bothered to double check their papers. Oops! It’s assumed that the criminals dismantled the bridge and sold it off as scrap metal.

A hat made of eggs (no really)

A West African man was left devastated whilst on holiday in Germany, after his record breaking egg hat was stolen whilst he was in hospital suffering from heatstroke. The hat which contained 1,000 eggs was taken from a room in the hospital whilst he was elsewhere. He was certain that an honest German person would hand it in, but as far as we are aware – the hat was never seen again. Maybe the thief got hungry?

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This burglaries might be strange, but they still happened because security was poor. The best way to prevent any of your belongings getting stolen is to have good security in place.

BWS are one of the leading providers of security services in Bristol, Bath, and throughout the whole of the UK. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best possible security systems. From burglar alarms to CCTV, our aim is to make people feel safe in their own home.

If you would like more information on our security services, please get in touch. You can give us a call on 01225 800 602 and a member of our expert team will be happy to answer any questions.

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